Take the JR KYUSHU BUS to travel
around Kyushu area!

JR KYUSHU BUS operates route buses within three areas in Kyushu.
This website contains detailed information on each route of “Nogata Route”, which runs in Fukuoka area, “Ureshino Route”,Saga and Nagasaki area, and “Hokusatsu Route”, Kagoshima area.

“SUNQ Pass” and “JAPAN RAIL PASS” can be used in all three routes.

※JR Kyushu Rail Pass cannot be used.

Guide to use route bus

This route runs from “Hakata” to “Nogata”.
Major sightseeing spots are Hakata Sta. and Wakita Onsen.
You can purchase a good price 2way ticket for 1,500 yen between Hakata and Wakita Onsen.
This route runs from “Takeo Onsen” to “Ureshino”, Saga Prefecture, and to “Sonogi” area, Nagasaki Prefecture.
Major sightseeing spots are Takeo Onsen, Ureshino Onsen, and Mifuneyama Rakuen.
The journey to Ureshino Onsen will take 30 minutes from Takeo Onsen.
This route runs from Kagoshima City to “Satsuma Koriyama”, “Iriki”, and “Miyanojo” area. Historic sites such as “Irikifumoto Bukeyashikigun” are located on the way.